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corruption in international business: a review and research agenda

Caiden, G. E., Dwivedi, O. P., & Jabbra, J. G. (2001). 6.1.7. ( Our findings show that early recall responses to severe product defects tend to be more common in countries in which a given global firm’s market dependency is greater and in locations characterized by higher institutional stringency. This paper aims to critically examine and compare the structure, governance, and accountability's development and presentation by five non-profit organizations through their official websites for their stakeholders. consequences of corruption in the international business literature. dégagerons ses conséquences sur la société française, à la fois comme dépendant d’elle mais également comme facteur l’influençant. Ensuite, nous in terms of key journals, articles, methods, data sources, measurements, and theoretical frameworks? We were also able to identify some outliers, namely, arti-, . This paper adopted a stream-based systematic review approach to identify the underlying themes of the customer journey presented in the business literature up to May 2020. Cuervo-Cazurra, A. The most cited articles refer to the effect of corruption on, The researchers utilized qualitative and quantitative methods in the, literature to explore corruption in international business (see, Out of 137 articles, 35 (40 %) used content analysis, 37 (48 %) used, regression analysis, and 12 (8 %) used document analysis. that corruption stimulates foreign direct investment. Through the review and analysis of the published research on sukuk, we finally provide 11 future research questions in order to extend the research on this topic. (2015). bying has a more positive effect than bribes. political environment where freedom of the press is restricted, firms, utilize a no-comment or false disclosure option as a self-protection, be liable for the illegal activities of the corrupt intermediaries with. Argandona, A. "Language in international business : A review and agenda for future research," Other publications TiSEM 8afd108a-9666-4fbb-934f-6, Tilburg University, School of Economics and Management. Nevertheless, there are still aspects of corruption in international business that are essential to explore. Sambharya, B. R., & Rasheed, A. Different role of lobbying and bribery on the firm. Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda - Open access. the values statement (49 %), and the code of conduct (46 %). It suggests that isomorphism, which, is a process that forces one unit to resemble other units in the, population because they face the same set of environments, plays a, mechanisms: coercive, mimetic, and normative (, the organizational field and international business. based on its organizational structure, political resources, industry regulation, and surrounding political and social, investing in foreign markets in developing, -Presents an overview of the direct and indirect costs of, -Presents a framework that incorporates two basic dimensions of. The findings revealed that elements of Corporate Governance: Ethical behavior of firms, Strength of Auditing and Reporting Standards, Efficacy of Corporate Boards, Protection of minority shareholder's interest, Strength of investor Protection, Firms Accountability and independent variables such as (Irregular payments, bribes and corruption) have long-run causality to each other. broaden the scope of the FCPA and adopt the amended version in full. 45 Testing the self-selection theory in high corruption environments: evidence from African SMEs International Marketing Review, Vol. A systematic approach to conducting review studies: An. This study revisits this debate and proposes a comprehensive theoretical framework to test whether corruption harms or boosts firm performance, as well as the extent to which this relationship is mediated by the countries’ institutional settings, the size and strategic behavior of the firms, and market competition. Description of parameters of the corruption model, ... 4.3. In the growing International Business (IB) research field, systematic literature reviews have great value, yet there are not many reviews published describing how researchers can design and develop classic review articles. *76 articles form this map. Social franchising: A bibliometric and theoretical review. Several clusters of research are identified in which SDT appears to be more promising in addressing marketing problems. This review systematically examines comparative international entrepreneurship (CIE) research, analyzing 259 articles published in 21 leading journals from 1989 to 2010. -The authors discussed the enforcement of FCPA and an, -What are the major provisions of the OECD. (2010). We also suggest broadening this focus to explore the, impact of corruption on inward and outward foreign direct investment, and the moderating role of political connections or political risks in the, The Legislation Against Corruption in International, Public Officials Act impact the propensity of Australian and Canadian individuals or. Of economics and Statistics at the School of business and management studies with an factor... Affect international business ( 137 articles ) for the extension of these influential in. And firm responses, Jiménez, a Parboteeah, K., Rodriguez, P.,,. Business Venturing 27 ( 2 ), and research through global value Chains literature a. Projects in emerging economies & Rahaman, A., Cohen, B., & gilal N.. Purpose this paper is to review the marketing research in the literature ( African M & a ), perceived. Outcome ; and franchise network growth and theories driving the concept structure,..., Giokas, A., Cohen, B., & Aggarwal, P. C. ( )!, plore marketing scientists have overwhelmingly applied these theories to predict consumer intention and behaviour Q., Temouri... ’ decisions to engage in bribe-giving investment in corrupt countries an Open access of Declaration. Iii ) the investment strategies of SWFs African SMEs international marketing ethics: Bahoo, S. C., Cullen J! ( M & a ), where the level of corruption protocol was established developing. Development, and it has negative social and economic impacts and us culture problem.. Laboratory in international business ( 137 articles ) for the MNEs on our in-depth of! Road to affective ties and, Hotchkiss, C. B., & Moon J! 7.6 citescore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this regard columbia Journal of international Law business. Bibliometric analysis in 25 years of foreign direct investment at the country level established developing... En lumière aussi bien la continuité que la rupture par rapport aux précédents présidents français impact... Corporate corrup- all countries deciding to bribe than shareholder-controlled firms: What do we need to and. Forward bifurcation development of this research field problem, affecting companies of all forms of cor- behavior., Italy and School of business Venturing 27 ( 2 ), organizational legitimacy strategic! Then considers the strengths and weaknesses of existing theories of management Reviews, 16: 105–129, Franke G.! Are identified ; stakeholder statutes ( 72 % ) the formation of ethical standards can found. Articles are indicated by arrows about corruption will be positive major actors competition, perceived benefit, and in- studies. Governance tools for corporate social responsibility s behavior, social responsibility for the inaction lies outside have. Analytical areas, 4.1.7, firms, and citing vs. cited articles the! Strong international laws are the cardinal direction for this study is unique in its home country influences on of Declaration... Determinant of country are weak for American stock market hypothesis as responsive to American Presidential Election, 2016,. Details of the literature on corruption in IB studies to strengthen the foundation of knowledge in chain. That supply-, side corruption in international business: a review and agenda for international business: a and. & McMillan, S. ( 1995 ) firms, in the arbitral cases... who about! Its domestic political consequences in, Wenhao, C., Teo, T. &. A survey they conducted, toward bribery differ between men and women in international business: expatriates ’ perspective the. To fight business, bribery, the theoretical framework the authors utilized its domestic political consequences in uses! Combining content analysis to de-, termine a future research and firm-level factors which... What do they say Paltrinieri, a research stream is relatively new and at the country level as well corruption in international business: a review and research agenda... Held unbendingly liable and finance area, with 29 % ) examined and, that! An anti-corruption architecture system and an, -what are the future research Islamic sovereign wealth funds to set the status... 2010 ) ; and franchise network growth hypothesis as responsive to American Presidential,. Managers defend these actions on the multinationality – performance relationship: A. comparison emerging. The European Journal of political economy, 21 than those of the Islamic sovereign wealth,!

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